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Allen Cole Digital Marketing Solutions

About Us

Who are we?

Allen Cole is a leading full service boutique Digital Marketing and Brand Management Agency based in Kenya.

We specialize in developing and implementing customized digital branding, marketing and communication strategies unique to each customer’s brand specifications.

 Our Story

Founded in 2009, Allen Cole began as Business Consulting firmIn the quest to offer our clients better services, we ventured into inbound marketing. This phenomenon brought about by the use of internet as a business tool. Since then, we concentrate our energies offering  inbound marketing services to our clients.

Inbound / Digital Marketing involves a host of activities such as Website Development, Content Creation, Development and Optimization, Social Media Activation and Optimization and lastly Corporate Blogging. All these services combined,  provide a business the opportunity to increase it’s visibility and credibility online, thus becoming recognized as “The  Thought Leader” in their area of expertise.

We are all about helping brands invest in social capital. Building relationships, is the basis upon which businesses thrive. People buy from people, hence the need to humanize and nurture relations between people and the brands they love.

We are committed to providing professional and personalized services to all our clients. 

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